Valuable for you, easy for your customers

From monetization opportunities to simplified network setup, Google Station makes Wi-Fi sustainable.

More than just amazing technology, Google Station is an end-to-end platform that allows you to establish high-quality, sustainable Wi-Fi networks. When your customers connect to Google Station, it’s an easy, fast, and reliable experience. Plus, for partners like you, Google Station makes every connection count with Wi-Fi monetization through advertising. Google Station is offered free of charge with a revenue share based on the ability to monetize the service.

Compared to other public Wi-Fi networks, Google Station stands apart. We use smart, data-backed tools to choose where networks should live and how they should be designed. Google also provides operations and quality assurance support to reduce your deployment and operations costs. Google Station supports select access points from major vendors and industry-standard network architectures.

AP Management

Data Plane Tunnel(s)

User Data Plane(s)

Service Probe


  • AP onboarding
  • Asset/Inventory management
  • Network analytics
  • Network performance alerting for partners
  • Partner operations interface

Data Plane

  • User session DHCP
  • User session NAT
  • Admission Control
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Lawful Intercept Support (ISP or government performs actual intercept)


  • User portal
  • AAA
  • KYC (Optional)
  • Monetization, including advertisement insertion
  • Branding
  • Partner services interface

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