Google Station helps you offer fast, secure Wi-Fi to your customers
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Why should you partner with Google Station?

We know that there are challenges to providing high-quality, reliable public Wi-Fi. Google Station offers a solution to partners that includes:

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User Experience

Google Station provides an easy-to-use, localized captive portal that enables the connection to public Wi-Fi.

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Google Station is an advertising platform, backed by a world-class advertising sales team and network.

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and Ease of Operation

Google Station’s service is entirely cloud based and monitored and maintained by Google.

We're expanding all the time
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New partners

We’re partnering with providers around the world to bring fast Wi-Fi to more places.
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New locations

We’re expanding to ensure that people in more places can get connected.
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Thanks for your interest. We'll reach out if there is an opportunity to work together.

We’ll be working with network operators, fiber providers, system integrators and other partners to bring fast Wi-Fi to more locations. Send us your information via the form below, and we’ll reach out if there’s a way for us to work together.

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